David Parmley & Cardinal Tradition

David Parmley began his musical career at age 15 and by the time he turned 17, he began his full time career as a member of The Bluegrass Cardinals. That band featured his father, Don Parmley, and three Los Angeles musicians. In 1975 they made their way to the Washington DC area and began performing several nights a week for several years. David’s lead and baritone voice was the backbone to The Cardinal sound. Dozens of musicians have worked with David and Don over the years but “The Sound” remained constant. The Bluegrass Cardinals recorded dozens of projects during their 25 year run. The material is considered the finest to come out of the 70’s and 80’s Bluegrass era. David left The Bluegrass Cardinals in the 90’s to pursue a solo career featuring a more modern approach to Bluegrass Music. David Parmley and Continental Divide topped the Bluegrass Charts throughout the 90’s. He took time off the road around 2008, but now in 2016, David is returning to Bluegrass Music with a new renewed spirit. Cardinal Tradition is an exciting new adventure and one that everyone has been waiting for.



David Parmley – lead vocals and guitar; Doug Bartlett – mandolin and harmony vocals; Steve Day – fiddle and harmony vocals; Dale Perry – banjo and harmony vocals; Ron Spears – bass and harmony vocals