Summergrass 2019 Instrument Raffle Winners

David Frick SG Martin winner 2019David Frick, winner of the Martin D-28 Guitar

Summergrass “Super Fan” David Frick had the big win at this year’s instrument raffle when he won the Martin D-28. Nice! This handpicked top of the line guitar from Martin Guitars was a real beauty, too. And David has earned the moniker “Super Fan” because he has been attending Summergrass since its inception in 2003. (BTW, Martin Guitars has supported the festival since 2008. Thank you, Martin Guitars!)

David, from Orange County, is retired with a goal “to do and go wherever I want.” And he loves attending bluegrass festivals such as the Great 48, Prescott, Huck Finn, Route 66, Topanga, Pickin’ in the Pines and Wickenberg, but he is quickly notes, “I love Summergrass. It’s a great experience, and close to home. And this year was really good with the terrific weather and the great bands, etc. I think my favorite part of Summergrass is the people one interfaces with during the festival. Most of them are kind, helpful, generous. peaceable, talented, approachable, and just down-right good people. It must be the music that makes them so.”

David explains that, “I like to support the festivals I attend so I buy a lot of raffle tickets. It’s my way of supporting them. It helps the festivals to stay afloat, and moves the music forward.” David also helps the festival by sharing co-chairman duties with Paul Haas on Friday’s Pie Society gathering. “This was our 4th year with a wonderful show of supporters.” And all the donations collected are donated back to Summergrass. Sweet! This year’s pie winners were Jim Sims, Connie Tripp, and Yvonne Tatar.

With much gratitude, we thank you David, for being a Summergrass Super Fan! Your generosity and loyal support has benefited us all. Hats off to you!

Phil Rosenkrantz Deering raffle winner 2019Phil Rosenkrantz Wins Deering Goodtime Banjo

After attending Summergrass for only two years, Phil Rosenkrantz became the lucky winner of the Deering Goodtime Banjo complete with a gig bag. “My wife Judy is a banjo player and has two Deering Goodtime Banjos.” She plays often and encouraged him to buy raffle tickets for the Deering banjo. “We also have a home in Arizona and Judy keeps one banjo there and keeps her other Deering here in Orange County. She is encouraging me to take some lessons again. I took some awhile back and then stopped, but now I’m encouraged to take lessons again with someone local.” They both attend jams just about every week, so those lessons will come in handy for Phil.

From Placentia in Orange County area, Phil and wife Judy attended Summergrass one day last year and were hooked. “Judy has been back east and gone to many festivals there like Bean Blossom. And when we went to Summergrass last year, we thought it was so awesome.” Phil goes on to say, “This year we rented an RV and had it set up in the campground and that was great. We were right there with all the jamming and shows.”

“Thank you to all those who put on Summergrass and who got the raffle together. We had such a great time!” Congratulations, Phil, and good luck with the banjo lessons. And we hope to see you at Summergrass in the future! Happy Pickin’!

2019 Summergrass More Raffle Winners

Other Raffle Winners!

Summergrass offered a number of great quality raffle prizes. As we always say, someone will take one of the fine prizes home. True to our boast, all were given away.

The above photos are of, left to right, Ron Boyd, Matt Roberts and Shannon Sherba. We were not able to get interviews from. all the winners. Photos by David Cupp.

The mandolin was won by Mike Coyer and the gift basket was won by Mae Chiao. Their prizes were delivered after the festival so photos were not available at this time.