Vulcan Mountain Boys

Vulcan Mt Boys are a 4 piece Bluegrass band with roots in San Diego jamming and stage performance venues. Maintaining high fidelity to “Birth of Bluegrass” through “Modern Roots” eras, you will get high-energy tempos, driving rhythms, and soaring traditional harmonies.

Hold on, VMB will give you a wildly satisfying traditional Bluegrass listening experience journey!

Eric Bentley – bass; Bill Frisbie – guitar, vocals; Lou Shrinkle – mandolin, vocals; Jim Henderson – banjo, vocals

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Prairie Sky

Artistry is, at best, difficult to define. Such is the case for the music of one of San Diego’s premier acoustic string bands, Prairie Sky. Indeed, with roots firmly in bluegrass, this group of seasoned artists borrows from all musical genres, playing and singing tunes from 60’s era rock, to 30’s and 40’s swing, old-time string music from Ireland and the Americas, with some great original material thrown into the mix as well.

With such diverse interests and an abundance of talent, Prairie Sky’s sets are inventive and entertaining, being constructed with thought and engagingly presented. Whatever and wherever – they play, Prairie Sky demonstrates strong yet tasteful instrumental prowess in guitar, mandolin and fiddle, with unusually clear and beautiful two, three and four-part harmonies.

All said, Prairie Sky is a rare delight, as their motives for performing are clearly for the love of the music, with its members’ mutual joy and shared affection emanating from the stage to warmly infect all who are lucky enough to hear them.

Avery Ellisman – vocals, fiddle, mandolin; Dwight Worden – vocals, bass; Jeff Smith – vocals, guitar; Ramona Ault – vocals, guitar


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Front Porch Music Preservation Society

This local bluegrass band made up of the finest and best-looking musicians in Southern California. FPMPS is a bluegrass band rich in traditional bluegrass music, however they also offer up some not so traditional bluegrass music.

Precision instrumentals mixed with great vocals and smooth harmony’s makes for a performance any audience will enjoy.

Jeremy Shelton – guitar, vocals; Corky Shelton – banjo; Greg Burrows – guitar, vocals; Scott Edwards – bass


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