Sideline is a powerful group of seasoned pros, which has been getting busier and busier since this “side project” became a main gig for its members. As the name suggests, Sideline intended to be a sometime band, but the success of their debut album made Sideline a main line.

Sideline captures so much of what was great about bluegrass in the 1980s and early 1990s. In large measure, Sideline serves up what was contemporary bluegrass thirty years ago. It sounds traditional in 2015. Sideline’s driving bluegrass with killer harmonies and propulsive rhythm, well-chosen blend of new and old material, and especially the focus on being an equal ensemble takes the listener right back in time to when these guys were jamming in the campground.

This band enjoys playing together and projects just that on stage and in recordings.

Steve Dilling – banjo, vocals; Jason Moore – bass; Skip Cherryholmes – guitar, vocals; Nathan Aldridge – fiddle; Brad Hudson – dobro, vocals; Troy Boone – mandolin


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