Summergrass San Diego 2021 Safety Updates

AGSEM Railroad Crossing

We want all of our Summergrass fans to know your safety is our top priority.

Hello Summergrass fans! With Covid still looming and mandates changing, we are diligently working toward providing a safe festival for us all. Be assured that we are and will be adhering to all guidelines given to us as we receive them from the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum and San Diego County and California state public health officials. In summary, below are the steps we are monitoring.

  • The Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum official is in close contact with local San Diego and California state public health officials getting daily covid updates along with appropriate guidelines and mandates for our venue — the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum. We are adhering to these changes as we receive them. The museum official is an expert in putting on safe events at the museum.
  • By definition, Summergrass falls under the CA Covid category of “less than 5,000 attend- ance and an outdoor event,” as we historically average 800-1,200 fans on any given day, or totaling 2,400-3,600 for the three days of the festival with many of those who are staying the entire weekend recounted in the overall total.
  • We are also in touch with and exchanging information with other festivals across the state and across the nation to keep current.
  • Summergrass is also watching and keeping a very close eye on the daily news for Covid updates across the nation, our state, San Diego County and Vista, where our festival occurs.

Summergrass will be keeping our fans informed on our current Covid protocols as they are available. Please check back regularly.

Your Summergrass Team